Mid Market Experties

We understand what our mid-market customers are looking for. We focus on getting our customers results quickly, effectively and efficiently. We know that our customers look for great value and we deliver great value, leading to strong business results.
Mid-market IT needs are expanding faster than the entire IT market. Forrester Research projects IT spending in the Mid-Market segment will grow 36% faster than IT spending at large companies and Gartner projects the Mid-Market’s IT spending power will grow more than any other segment.
Netlink is one of the only companies that offer a fixed bid along with 20% of IT savings up front. We ensure that you get immediate payback and long term efficiencies using our services.
Netlink is one of the only IT and business process providers that serves the Mid-Market effectively.

Care Cloud

The world revolves around human interactions and caring. This view of 'care' transcends business functions and geographies and it applies to customers, employees, listeners, patient, physicians, dealers, partners, supplier and more. Netlink releases tremendous value by managing and enhancing 'care' interactions by using our cloud enabled business solution - The Care Cloud.
The Care Cloud is made of advanced and predictive analytics, data management algorithms and frameworks and is delivered as a cloud platform. It looks at human nature, frequency and quality of interaction, demographics, behavior patterns, social media sentiments, economics, market dynamics and more to deliver immediate business results. It uses Netlink's Delta Platform as the backbone for managing the delivery of this cloud enabled business solution.

Delta Platform v2.13

Netlink’s Delta Platform is a combination of proprietary algorithms & frameworks, pre-built business and technology enablers that are enabled using cloud services components like PaaS, IaaS, BPaaS and SaaS.
Delta platform makes teams and technology delivery multiple times more effective and efficient than traditional services and managed services models. The cloud enabled platform typically leads to immediate business results like 71% faster speed to results, 99% transparency improvement, 68% lower costs, 90% better control and so much more for the customers of IT Outsourcing Solutions.
Origins of this platform are in doctoral level research work in Human Computer Interface at Clemson University and Virtual Teams at The University of Michigan by the founders.