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In the current age of disruption, most organizations are striving to become more diverse by trying to make the best use of massive and fast-moving data. It enables them to augment for the future effectively

 Netlink’s enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions to help organizations in generating data that delivers the most relevant and pertinent insights

Netlink has a team of experienced AI/ML professionals to build and deploy scalable solutions combined with superior research work, use case-specific and industry-domain expertise

Data Collection & Preparation

  • Crawl/ Acquire/ Translate
  • Cleansing/ Enrichment
  • Annotate/ Store

Feature Preparation

  • Tokenization

  • Segmentation

  • Annotation

  • Data governance


  • Model Management
  • Versioning
  • Model Tracking
  • Performance


  • Product Tagging
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Shrinkage Detection
  • Shelf Placement Analysis
  • Reduce Checkout

IoT & Industrial IoT (IIoT)

  • Robotics
  • Edge Intelligence
  • Smart City
  • Shopfloor Management


  • Campaign Intelligence
  • Content Discovery
  • Content Analysis