B2Grow - Business Automation With Deep Data Analytics And Insights

Automate processes, Grow revenue, Optimize Costs, Control Discounts with ERP solutions

Data Analytics Experts

Netlink has partnered with B2Grow – an IT Services Company focused on creating powerful and intelligent enterprises solutions through deep data awareness, data integration, and advanced data analytics

B2Grow Products

DealerConnect - Automobile ERP

Dealer Connect ERP helps you streamline your pre and post-sales, procurement, HR, Capex, and accounts functions under one umbrella

e-Commerce with ERP

B2Grow’s ERP with eCommerce system synchronize product details and customer with the eCommerce site and enables ERP systems to pull sales order, shipping details, payment details, etc. into ERP and organize the data in detailed reports

Point Of Sale

Start selling faster with Flexible POS Software. Compatible with any device, Point of Sale software is user-friendly, fully integrated with inventory for real-time stock control, and supports dynamic tax slab

B2Grow Services


SAP Business One is designed to meet the needs of SMEs and subsidiaries of large enterprises. Businesses that adopt SAP Business One very quickly see the measurable benefits of using an integrated ERP application

ERP Next

ERPNext is a full-featured business management cloud base solution that helps businesses of any size to record all their business transactions in one system

Payroll and ERP Audit Services

We serve our clients better by offering them core IT services as well as HR, ERP audit, tax consulting, and management consulting services thereby being their true growth partner

Business Process Automation

Business process automation streamlines a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery or contain costs