Business Intelligence and Data Analytics in India

Unleash The Power Of Business Intelligence & Data Analytics in India For Your Business Growth 

The changing business dynamics need businesses to have in-depth and accurate insights into their business operations, market dynamics, and customer experience to lead their respective sectors. Seamless BI applications, robust Big Data Infrastructure, and Enterprise Data Warehouse are some of the current business requirements needed for optimized business growth.

Our BI and Data analytics services in India enable businesses to make data-driven decisions for enhanced business operations. The latest analytics techniques enable optimized data aggregation for optimized business transformation through smoother operations & enhanced decision-making.

India-based Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Services

Data Visualization Services in business intelligence and data analytics in india

Data Visualization Services

We deliver a data visualization platform as a service to prepare optimized reports that empower businesses in India to make decisions without any dependency on their IT teams and enable businesses to save on their upfront investments.   

Businesses get a flexible and click interface enabling them to create visually appealing dashboards optimized for business growth. Data improvisations through customized analytics and data visualization help get the required data-driven answers for any kind of business questions.

Analytical Processing

Express Analytics enables the decision makers to analyze information from multiple database systems through interactive information access to analysts for improved decision-making through multidimensional data models. Enhanced data mining is one of the outputs of analytical processing leading to the desired business outcomes. 

analytical processing in business intelligence and data analytics in india
bi and data analytics in india

Enterprise & Corporate Performance Management

An effective enterprise strategy requires the integration of 

Enterprise performance management

Balance scorecards & BI systems 

BI software integration enables enterprises to identify areas of high and sub-par performance. It helps India-based businesses realize their corporate objectives through the appropriate alignment of resources and functions.

Mobile BI

Modern developments are all about faster decisions and higher pressure to tackle business in real time. Internet-enabled devices proliferate this shift in decision making overcoming the display limitations of the mobile display.

Integrated BI functions help businesses navigate the display hurdle within organizations. Such enhancements provide the makers with the ability to access BI-related data on mobile screens.

india based mobile bi and analytics services
Business Intelligence & Data Analytics in India

We Leverage Businesses With

AI & Machine Learning

Netlink provides advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms design development & implementation. Augmented data discovery enhances the business scope for the clients. Our AI & Machine Learning solutions enable prediction modeling and improvised Text mining & analysis.

Data Engineering Services

Netlink enables businesses to get enhanced data modeling, data transformation, and data quality management for optimized business growth. Engineered data provides the required data governance and master data management for optimized business growth.

BI Implementation

Optimized BI Implementation enables the business to perform technology assessment and end-to-end implementation & customization. Data profiling enhances growth prospects and comprehensive technology coverage through the required BI implementation. 

Top Industries for Which We are Working in India

We have worked with some amazing companies across the globe. We have imparted our expertise to

Manufacturing Industries

The manufacturing industry comprises the production of goods using equipment, labor, tools, and other required formulations. It uses a range of human activities from handicraft to high-tech where raw materials are transformed into finished goods on a large scale. We provide a deep insight into the right engineering to design and optimize the final transformation process with intermediate processes in the production and integration of the required product.

Automotive Industries

It comprises companies and organizations dealing in designing, development, and manufacturing along with sales, repair, and marketing of motor vehicles. Our decades of expertise enable automotive BI-specific solutions for primary and secondary research datasets helping manufacturers plan and develop vehicles and related products.  The Automotive industry leads several other sectors in its budget allocations for research and development.

Healthcare Industries

The modern healthcare industry includes services, products, and finance distributed into several sectors and categories to meet the health needs of individuals and populations. BI and data analytics in the healthcare industry paves the way for efficient remote healthcare with enhanced patient safety at reduced cost and provides better visibility into financial operations.

Government Industries

The government proposes and initiates several public welfare programs for affordable, easy, and healthy living for the public. It caters to all sections of the society without any discrimination and prepares remedies for the deprived sections as per requirement.  Business Intelligence in the government sector leverages a unified view across agencies and departments for appropriate compliance and information sharing.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing enables businesses to hire another company for any planned or existing activity, including the transfer of employees or assets from one firm to another. Large Businesses utilize third-party vendors for certain business operations to aid with supply chain management. It has expanded to all sectors with offshore outsourcing services where the companies operating within the industry facilitate other companies around the world.

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BI and Data Analytics Services Provider - Netlink

The best-in-class service at affordable prices has made Netlink the preferred IT partner of large enterprises, we offer you delivery solutions based on your cost, convenience and comfort 

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Why us choose

Why choose us

India based Netlink BI solutions empower businesses to transform through actionable intelligence and knowledge. The right combination of business analytics services, data mining & visualization through modern BI services provides a comprehensive view of our operations. Our services enable data storage in a logical hierarchy and operational data across multiple years and subjects.

⦁ ASAP deployment of the Business intelligence and data analytics services
⦁ Eliminating the need for hiring any external agency for resources
⦁ Disciplined deliveries as per project timelines
⦁ Dedicated COE, and R&D Labs to take on new ideas and challenges


Companies and enterprises implement data management solutions such as Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to collect and present data to get deeper insights into their business challenges. The data, when used with the right statistics and software, helps analyze raw information for enhanced future decision-making.

Business Intelligence software comprises data analytics and business analytics as a part of the whole process. Business Intelligence enables businesses to draw effective conclusions from data analytics. Data Scientists use statistics and predictive analytics to dig deep into the data specifics and discover present and future patterns.

Business intelligence Systems enhance the operations of a business organization through the effective use of relevant data. Companies employing BI tools and techniques translate the collected data into valuable insights and develop efficient business processes and strategies in India.

The benefits of Business Intelligence for businesses are:
⦁ Fast and accurate reporting
⦁ Deeper business insights
⦁ Higher revenue
⦁ Enhanced sales and marketing initiatives
⦁ Strategic decision making
⦁ Enhanced client loyalty