Business Intelligence and Data Analytics in India

Unleash The Power Of Business Intelligence & Data Analytics in India For Your Business Growth 

The changing business dynamics need businesses to have in-depth and accurate insights into their business operations, market dynamics, and customer experience to lead their respective sectors. Seamless BI applications, robust Big Data Infrastructure, and Enterprise Data Warehouse are some of the current business requirements needed for optimized business growth.

Our BI and Data analytics services in India enable businesses to make data-driven decisions for enhanced business operations. The latest analytics techniques enable optimized data aggregation for optimized business transformation through smoother operations & enhanced decision-making.

Businesses that have accurate and in-depth knowledge of their business processes, market dynamics, and customer experiences are likely to be market leaders in their respective industries.

Business intelligence (BI) will explain where to find these insights, how to interpret them, and how to use them to speed up the profit from your business.

The majority of businesses in operation today are aware of the importance and worth of business intelligence. They want to create streamlined BI Applications, strong Enterprise Data Warehouses and Big Data Infrastructure, and potent reporting solutions. It is a long road from database management to business intelligence and analytics, but you can start right now, no matter where you are on that journey as of right now.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Services in India

Data Visualization Services in business intelligence and data analytics in india

Data Visualization Services in India

We deliver a data visualization platform as a service to prepare optimized reports that empower businesses in India to make decisions without any dependency on their IT teams and enable businesses to save on their upfront investments.   

Businesses get a flexible and click interface enabling them to create visually appealing dashboards optimized for business growth. Data improvisations through customized analytics and data visualization help get the required data-driven answers for any kind of business questions.

Data visualization speeds up comprehension and gives business users sharp clarity to hasten decision-making. We can design attractive dashboards that present data in an understandable format to support well-informed decisions based on the goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) of the customer. The development of reports for each business user across various dimensions is another feature of our BI solutions.

Analytical Processing in India

Express Analytics enables the decision makers to analyze information from multiple database systems through interactive information access to analysts for improved decision-making through multidimensional data models. Enhanced data mining is one of the outputs of analytical processing leading to the desired business outcomes. 

BI solutions can build the foundations on which more powerful analytics solutions can be used by combining insights from external sources. To improve the accuracy of the conclusions drawn, these solutions can process all data, including archived and unstructured data. For businesses, these insights are priceless because they can guarantee success for all of their key performance indicators.

analytical processing in business intelligence and data analytics in india
bi and data analytics in india

Enterprise & Corporate Performance Management in India

An effective enterprise strategy requires the integration of 

Enterprise performance management

Balance scorecards & BI systems 

BI software integration enables enterprises to identify areas of high and sub-par performance. It helps India-based businesses realize their corporate objectives through the appropriate alignment of resources and functions.

Mobile BI in India

Modern developments are all about faster decisions and higher pressure to tackle business in real time. Internet-enabled devices proliferate this shift in decision making overcoming the display limitations of the mobile display.

Integrated BI functions help businesses navigate the display hurdle within organizations. Such enhancements provide the makers with the ability to access BI-related data on mobile screens.

india based mobile bi and analytics services
Business Intelligence & Data Analytics in India

We Leverage Businesses With

AI & Machine Learning

Netlink provides advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms design development & implementation. Augmented data discovery enhances the business scope for the clients. Our AI & Machine Learning solutions enable prediction modeling and improvised Text mining & analysis.

Data Engineering Services

Netlink enables businesses to get enhanced data modeling, data transformation, and data quality management for optimized business growth. Engineered data provides the required data governance and master data management for optimized business growth.

BI Implementation

Optimized BI Implementation enables the business to perform technology assessment and end-to-end implementation & customization. Data profiling enhances growth prospects and comprehensive technology coverage through the required BI implementation. 

Top Industries for Which We are Working in India

We have worked with some amazing companies across the globe. We have imparted our expertise to


Manufacturing Industries

The manufacturing industry comprises the production of goods using equipment, labor, tools, and other required formulations. It uses a range of human activities from handicraft to high-tech where raw materials are transformed into finished goods on a large scale. We provide a deep insight into the right engineering to design and optimize the final transformation process with intermediate processes in the production and integration of the required product.


Automotive Industries

It comprises companies and organizations dealing in designing, development, and manufacturing along with sales, repair, and marketing of motor vehicles. Our decades of expertise enable automotive BI-specific solutions for primary and secondary research datasets helping manufacturers plan and develop vehicles and related products.  The Automotive industry leads several other sectors in its budget allocations for research and development.


Healthcare Industries

The modern healthcare industry includes services, products, and finance distributed into several sectors and categories to meet the health needs of individuals and populations. BI and data analytics in the healthcare industry paves the way for efficient remote healthcare with enhanced patient safety at reduced cost and provides better visibility into financial operations.


Government Industries

The government proposes and initiates several public welfare programs for affordable, easy, and healthy living for the public. It caters to all sections of the society without any discrimination and prepares remedies for the deprived sections as per requirement.  Business Intelligence in the government sector leverages a unified view across agencies and departments for appropriate compliance and information sharing.


Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing enables businesses to hire another company for any planned or existing activity, including the transfer of employees or assets from one firm to another. Large Businesses utilize third-party vendors for certain business operations to aid with supply chain management. It has expanded to all sectors with offshore outsourcing services where the companies operating within the industry facilitate other companies around the world.

Netlink Offering Business Intelligence

Regardless of where you are in your BI/ Analytics journey, Netlink has the solution that is needed and best suited for your company/business.

Our teams are made up of experts with extensive BI experience, and they can handle anything from combining data from different sources to building a data warehouse to implementing BI and reporting solutions. To ensure perfect coordination between the customer’s business objectives and our BI solution configuration, our domain experts work closely with our customers at all times.

Our BI and Data Analytics Services is Competitive & Affordable

BI and Data Analytics Services Provider - Netlink

The best-in-class service at affordable prices has made Netlink the preferred IT partner of large enterprises, we offer you delivery solutions based on your cost, convenience and comfort 

Project Based Engagement

Perfect if you have clear scope in hand

Software Factory As A Service

Perfect if you have a fixed budget

Why should your company use business intelligence?

The level of adoption of digital transformation is today’s single most important factor that determines whether an organization succeeds or fails.

Businesses receive absolutely no value from data kept in silos. However, this data only has “Value” if it is used in the right way and at the right time in enterprise systems and analysis processes. Business intelligence (BI) serves as the link between raw data and strategic value.

It is not simple to get from data to value. Data extraction across various form factors from a wide range of data sources is required. Setting the stage for BI through the Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) processes into a data warehouse is crucial.

Making accurate and timely decisions is accelerated by the post-ETL refined and massaged data that is equipped with BI solutions’ ability to offer multi-dimensional views. This frequently results in increased top- and bottom-line revenue as well as brand development.

Why us choose

Why choose Netlink for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics in India

India based Netlink BI solutions empower businesses to transform through actionable intelligence and knowledge. The right combination of business analytics services, data mining & visualization through modern BI services provides a comprehensive view of our operations. Our services enable data storage in a logical hierarchy and operational data across multiple years and subjects.

⦁ ASAP deployment of the Business intelligence and data analytics services
⦁ Eliminating the need for hiring any external agency for resources
⦁ Disciplined deliveries as per project timelines
⦁ Dedicated COE, and R&D Labs to take on new ideas and challenges

Our Business Intelligence Solutions'

We think about the following issues when attempting to create business intelligence solutions for our clients:

  • Does our solution provide safe access to crucial customer metrics?
  • Is it universally accessible through a variety of platforms, including web, mobile, etc.?
  • Does it integrate seamlessly with the customer’s current BI ecosystem?
  • Will it provide frameworks for multidimensional analysis and visualization to help with informed decision-making?
  • Can the solution provide thorough BI reports that can be accessed via a self-serve interface?
  • Will it be able to develop a plug-and-play interface and low-code environment for the business users of the customer to quickly and accurately make strategic decisions?

Our BI Solutions respond positively to all of the aforementioned queries, transforming them into strategic value for our clients.


Companies and enterprises implement data management solutions such as Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to collect and present data to get deeper insights into their business challenges. The data, when used with the right statistics and software, helps analyze raw information for enhanced future decision-making.

Business Intelligence software comprises data analytics and business analytics as a part of the whole process. Business Intelligence enables businesses to draw effective conclusions from data analytics. Data Scientists use statistics and predictive analytics to dig deep into the data specifics and discover present and future patterns.

Business intelligence Systems enhance the operations of a business organization through the effective use of relevant data. Companies employing BI tools and techniques translate the collected data into valuable insights and develop efficient business processes and strategies in India.

The benefits of Business Intelligence for businesses are:
⦁ Fast and accurate reporting
⦁ Deeper business insights
⦁ Higher revenue
⦁ Enhanced sales and marketing initiatives
⦁ Strategic decision making
⦁ Enhanced client loyalty

A set of technologies known as business intelligence software (BI) aids in data administration, analysis, and the subsequent production of actionable insights. Interactive dashboards, data warehousing, data visualization, and reporting tools make up the best business intelligence tools. It’s crucial to note that business intelligence and competitive intelligence differ significantly from one another in this context. The former depends on gathering data from outside sources to comprehend the shifting market environment and consumer preferences. The latter, on the other hand, relies on analytics platforms’ analysis of data generated within the organization to track how various departments interact with one another. 

The ability of business intelligence software solutions to gather, store, and mine company data has boosted their significance and popularity. Large volumes of data are being produced, tracked, and compiled by businesses. You won’t gain anything, though, if you can’t make any sense of it. 

To properly assess the shifting market trends and client preferences, business users must base their decisions on proof and true data rather than hearsay. ERP software BI tools enable companies to gather and analyse data from many sources that improve customer understanding, predict future market trends, forecast revenue growth, and shield the firm from potential dangers. 

Business intelligence reports are typically released on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. However, business users can rapidly receive notifications with the help of business intelligence software packages. Instead of waiting months, these insights enable businesses to decide on a course of action in a matter of minutes. 

With the help of Netlink’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, users may transform business insights into wise decisions with long-lasting consequences. Netlink ERP software offers robust business intelligence capabilities with data and intuitive information analysis. 

The use of cloud computing to provide business intelligence (BI) services is a new idea that is discussed in the context of cloud business intelligence software solutions.

On-premises software is often used to deliver BI services, but cloud computing offers additional possibilities for doing so.

The key benefit of cloud BI is that, compared to conventional on-premises BI solutions, it can offer a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Additionally, cloud BI can offer greater flexibility in the delivery of BI services and speedier deployment times.

Numerous manufacturers provide cloud BI solutions, so evaluating and contrasting options that are appropriate for your company is crucial.

Although tough, cloud BI is a terrific way to gain insights into your company’s data. Challenges include

Data security: Your data may be more exposed to security risks when it is kept on the cloud.

Connectivity: Accessing your cloud BI data or using cloud BI tools may be challenging if your internet connection is unstable.

Cost: Compared to conventional on-premise BI systems, cloud BI might be more expensive.

Implementation: If you’re not familiar with cloud technologies, implementing cloud BI can be difficult.

Today’s market offers a wide variety of the greatest business intelligence software applications. However, which are the best? The primary categories of business intelligence tools are listed below:

Tools for data visualization: These enable you to view and comprehend data in novel ways.

Data mining tools: It can be used to mine massive data sets for useful information.

Data analysis tools: These aid in comprehending and analyzing data.

Reporting Tools: You can create data reports with their assistance.

Dashboarding Tools: They enable you to produce data visualizations.

Business intelligence tools are computer programs that assist firms in gathering, tracking, and analyzing data in order to make wiser business decisions. Data visualization and dashboards, predictive analytics, and machine learning are examples of BI technologies.

Businesses utilize business intelligence tools to gain insights into their daily operations so they may make wiser decisions. Businesses may track KPIs, comprehend client behavior, maximize marketing efforts, and do a lot more with the aid of BI technologies.

There are many different types of business intelligence tools available, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Data Storage

Every company has a number of data storage systems. Unfortunately, it causes the development of information silos that impede the open exchange of information between departments. It thus causes delays in decision-making procedures and eventually has an effect on the overall income of the company.

Consider a business that uses Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to store customer-related data in order to further explain this. On the other side, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software houses all of their accounting, sales, marketing, logistical, and financial data. The crucial revenue data sets are additionally spread across numerous cloud applications. The fact that different software systems categorize and label all data differently is the most difficult component of using them. This means that in order to standardize data for both technical and non-technical users, business users must use a single software system.

Business users can collect data from numerous sources using a native API connection and standardize the data using business intelligence ERP software. Additionally, it has the ability to gather numerous data sets from one area and store them in cloud data systems. The native API connections are effective for medium-sized businesses with a single department or for tiny businesses. The need for a more extensive business intelligence structure, such as a data mart or data warehouse, arises from large businesses that produce massive data sets.