Business Process Outsourcing Services in India

Unleash The Power Of Business Process Outsourcing Services in India For Your Business Growth 

Business Process Outsourcing services in India.

Our business process outsourcing services in India help businesses harness change and adapt to enhanced business strategy. Netlink enables optimized resiliency, agility, and competitive advantage with better business outcomes. Our managed services help businesses transform business processes for reinvention and desired business growth.

Netlink solutions provide real-time insights and agility to manage day-to-day operations efficiently. Our compliance and risk-managing capabilities help keep pace with regulatory and operational issues.

India-based Business Process Outsourcing Services in India

Call Compliance Audit - Business Process Outsourcing Services in India

Call/Compliance Audit

Netlink enables businesses to improve their business efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance. Call auditing helps businesses focus on core functions with better efficiency. Our call audit services include:

  • Call quantity auditing
  • Auditing call handling
  • resolution auditing
  • Call drop auditing
  • Answer relevance auditing

Document Imaging

Netlink enables businesses to collect hard-to-manage documents and digitize them to save them from tampering. The collected documents are then converted into the client’s required formats like Word, .png, and .pdf. The document imaging process includes:

Document Imaging - Business Process Outsourcing Services
Training Audit Services- Business Process Outsourcing Services

Training Audit Services

A training audit involves a hard-headed, fact-based assessment of the Learning and Development team. Netlink enables businesses to identify their L&D quality and help improve an apt training module. The modern times call for financial uncertainties leading to cost-cutting casualties. An effective training audit comprises:

  • Full scope objective
  • Deep business insight
  • Strategic solution
  • Fiscal relevancy

Top industries for which we are working for

Business Process Outsourcing Services in India

We have worked with some amazing companies across the globe. We have imparted our expertise to


The finance industry uses business process outsourcing services to enhance its business value propositions and improve its operational efficiency by reducing costs. Netlink’s BPO services in India leverage AI, Augmented Reality, and chatbots to streamline customer support and deal with several challenges faced by businesses in their daily operations. Businesses get upscaled customer experience and reduced time to market enabling the products to gain pace and earn greater revenues.


The insurance sector is looking forward to leveraging BPO services in India for better inorganic growth alternatives through strategic collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions. Netlink solutions enable businesses to develop innovative and advanced solutions for enhanced offerings and market reach. The rise in demand for cost-effective operations for standardized business processes helps boost the BPO market during the forecast period.


The healthcare industry calls for outsourcing business activities for enhanced support to medical institutions and organizations. Netlink helps businesses from insurers to pharmaceutical companies with better patient and customer experiences. Our services enable them to predict problems and solve them before it affects major patients. However, there is still room for improvement in their operations and application.


Government agencies are exploring digital transformation through modern tools with increased access and communication. Netlink is enabling the government sector to anticipate the citizens’ needs for gratifying business results. Our services help the public sector to capture feedback, evaluate the public’s needs, and develop strategic decision-making capabilities for enhanced visibility and quicker solutions with operational efficiency.  

We are Competitive & Affordable

The best-in-class service at affordable prices has made Netlink the preferred IT partner of large enterprises, we offer you delivery solutions based on your cost, convenience and comfort 

Project Based Engagement

Perfect if you have clear scope in hand

Software Factory As A Service

Perfect if you have a fixed budget

Why Choose Us Business Process Outsourcing Partner in India

Why Choose Us Business Process Outsourcing Partner in India

Netlink provides the most optimized BPO services in India to all businesses. We offer the most reliable and trustworthy support in handling project consultancy and connecting the right people for the right projects. Our services enable innumerable businesses with the most enticing and rewarding outputs to attain the desired business growth.

  • Physical Document Storage
  • Document Imaging
  • Flexibility to choose from Project or SFAAS-based engagement depending on your budget and requirement
  • Image Search and Retrieval Portal
  • Reports And Dashboards


Business process services enable organizations to take up outsourcing activities. Businesses outsource the processes that are not their core competencies and ensure optimized output and execution in those activities.

BPO enables businesses to focus on their resources and operations distinguishing in the marketplace. BPO providers enable businesses to get accuracy, efficiency, and speed in their quest to increase their business revenue.

Business Process Outsourcing includes several tasks such as:

  • Call center services
  • Human resources management
  • Accounting 
  • Payroll
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Information technology

Front-Office BPO, Back-Office BPO, Offshore BPO, Nearshore BPO, and Onshore/Domestic BPO are the different types of BPOs.

BPO offers several benefits such as: 

  • Low costs
  • Global expansion
  • Higher efficiency