We make ESG management easy and affordable for you

ESG process is more organized as we enable our customers to complete an ESG report rapidly and fast in a few minutes, not months

What is ESG all about?

E (ENVIRONMENTAL), S (SOCIAL), and G (GOVERNANCE) are all about measuring the hard data and how a company reports its contribution to these ESG parameters


How your company contributes to the planet


How your company contributes to the people


How your company operates for its growth and existance

Build one ESG plan for you

You can get started using a quick and simple way to build an ESG Plan. It only takes a small survey to start with

Defined Process To Ensure Compliance

Ready To Use Templates

Make ESG accessible

ESG can make your business better and more noticeable

Since ESG Measurement is a complex process, most companies are lost in the process

We try to make it easy and usable so as to get immediate results


On Cloud




Analytics Using Lumenore


Mobile Friendly