One of the top business intelligence programs is MicroStrategy, which provides a wealth of analytical tools and enables users to gain deep insights into data trends. Advanced Analytics, Data Discovery, Data Visualisation, Embedded BI, and comprehensive reports and statements are some of the key capabilities that MicroStrategy provides. This software is integrated with any relational system, online service, data warehouse, full database system, and other data sources that provide data for analysis. The technology industry may offer a variety of chances for those who learn MicroStrategy.

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MicroStrategy is an analytics and reporting solution for enterprise data warehouses that excels at producing reports that are comprehensive and intelligent. In essence, it is a business intelligence program that supports interactive dashboards, sophisticated report formatting, scorecards, and a number of other capabilities pertaining to the creation, grouping, and dissemination of reports that offer insights into previous, current, and future company trends.

ROLAP (Relational- Online Analytical Processing), which powers MicroStrategy, enables users to drill down to the necessary data anywhere in a relational database. While keeping an eye out for precise detail, the search can be taken down to even a transactional level.

Due to its high-end integration across the entire data ecosystem, this tool may be used to access, analyze, and optimize data from flat files as well as multidimensional databases.

What Are MicroStrategy's Key Features?

MicroStrategy has a number of beneficial features that set it apart from competitors in the same field. Which are:

Information discovery

Data discovery describes the software’s capacity to interact with any kind of data source, connect to it, and aggregate and combine data from several sources to provide usable reports. This software can collect data from a variety of sources, including relational databases, big data sources, cloud computing platforms, and flat files.

Data Manipulation

Data wrangling is the term for the function that enables turning data into valuable information and customizing it to the user’s requirements. This feature uses a variety of data wrangling and parsing techniques to generate insightful and practical reports. Both business users and data scientists will find this capability useful.

Predictive analysis and data mining

MicroStrategy is a great tool for integrating data mining and data analysis solutions from other companies. Many different users can make use of these tools to create and develop reports that are accessible and predictive.

Analytical abilities

In order to create highly dynamic and interesting reports and perform statistical analysis, MicroStrategy provides a vast library of almost 300 functions, including OLAP, data mining, mathematical, and financial functions.

Mobile platform and real-time dashboards

With MicroStrategy, you can create platforms that, once created, can be accessed and managed from any mobile device and offer real-time data monitoring.

Embedded BI

The main benefit of utilizing MicroStrategy is the easy integration with other programs like IBM WebSphere, SharePoint, WebLogic, etc. that enable users to access pre-coded development-ready portals.  

Quick and straightforward MicroStrategy integration

Utilise specialized MicroStrategy integrations on the low-code Tray Platform to get more useful insights. Without relying on IT assistance, you can easily drag and drop your way to integrating any tool in your tech stack at the API level using our user-friendly, visual builder.

To get the most out of your analytics data, you’ll need more than just a MicroStrategy connector. You can use data from custom fields to connect any tool with any data source, including flat files (like CSVs), FTP, email, webhooks, and any cloud services.

It goes further than that. The Tray Platform enables business customers the ability to develop quick and effective MicroStrategy automation for every use case in addition to creating integrations. You can now concentrate on getting more worthwhile insights out of your analytics tools.


Automation On-demand Automating with MicroStrategy

Gets the benefit of MicroStrategy’s automated workflows on the Tray Platform to streamline your business intelligence processes. Business users may swiftly create customized automation for any use case in analytics, sales, marketing, finance, and product management.

By syncing any application, such as your CRM, internal chat tool, project management system, marketing automation platform, customer data platform, and more, you can take control of your data. Additionally, you can adapt our wide library of pre-built connectors, data helpers, and custom logic operators for your particular use case.

By consolidating multi-channel performance data into a single dashboard, you may now produce useful insights. By synchronizing analytics and customer behavior data with your chat tools to hyper-personalize your messaging, you may also increase marketing engagement. You can scale out any process with low-code automation with the Tray Platform.

Data Sources for MicroStrategy 10

There was no source left behind. You may connect to a wide range of data sources with MicroStrategy 10 without much difficulty, including Dropbox, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter feeds, Cassandra, Hadoop, and many more.

Google Analytics

Analytics by Google Microstrategy Integration with Google Analytics! Millions of websites use Google Analytics, which is the most potent web analytics service available online.

Now that MicroStrategy 10 is out, it’s simple to combine Google Analytics’ breadth and capability with MicroStrategy’s engine to visualize data in countless ways.

The socialization of MicroStrategy

Twitter Facebook MicroStrategy By integrating likes and comments made on your page and posts, you can now collect business data from your Facebook pages to track brand awareness or evaluate the success of an advertising campaign.

Using your Twitter account and the search function, you may import the data from Twitter to learn more about how your company’s customers are interacting with its goods and marketing initiatives.

Big Data

Petabytes of big data are intelligently transformed and combined into targeted gigabytes of in-memory data by MicroStrategy Analytics, allowing for quick data discovery. It enables a thorough analysis and the discovery of business insights while resolving Big Data’s performance issues.

On the move, transform and clean your data

The conventional extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) procedure is sped up using Microstrategy 10. You can quickly clean, transform, and prepare your data on the fly with the new wrangling and parsing capabilities. It has a wide range of functions for transforming row- and column-based data.


One of the top platforms for business intelligence and analytics, MicroStrategy, has officially unveiled the significantly enhanced and more potent MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise.

Even more possibilities for integrating your data are available in MicroStrategy 10 than in its predecessor. It features an amazing built-in data preparation feature called “data wrangling” that facilitates faster and easier data transfer from more than 20 new data sources, including social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Hadoop, and Google Analytics.

You can start creating dashboards from practically any data source in a matter of minutes follow for more

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