Bridge the gap between data and decisions with a unified BI platform

Empower decision-making at all levels

Lumenore is a powerful cloud-based business intelligence and analytics platform that delivers organizational intelligence by sifting data from any business application

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Get a transparent view of operations and drive successful business outcomes with a BI platform tailored to organizational needs

Lumenore empowers businesses to harness the full potential of their data and derives impactful insights

Reimagine Performance - With Data Universe

Lumenore helps business ramp up their time to insight by building an end-to-end data engineering solution

Personalized Insights - With Intuitive Dashboards

Get pre-built dashboards specific to your industry with a one-click import from any data source

Conversational Intelligence - With ‘Ask Me’

NLQ-based ‘Ask Me’ module lets you ask queries in plain English through text and receive answers immediately

Predictive Intelligence - With ‘Do You Know’

Predict market trends and evaluate business risks with AI-driven ‘Do You Know’ module to accelerate business growth and performance

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