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Empower your business with Netlink's Mendix Low-Code Platform

Netlink’s low-code platform mendix enables rapid application development through visual interfaces, reducing manual coding. It empowers businesses to efficiently create, deploy, and manage applications across platforms and devices, enhancing agility and innovation.

Netlink's Low Code Advantage with

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Visual modeling

Design Apps with Drag-and-Drop

  • Speed up app delivery with existing talent
  • Create diverse solutions with lower costs
  • Improve collaboration and decision making across teams
  • Free up expert developers for more complex task

Reusable components

Use Ready-Made Elements

  • Boost efficiency with faster development
  • Use pre-tested and secure reusable elements
  • Build consistent and scalable apps
  • Extend app features quickly as needed

Collaboration tools

Work Together with Ease

  • Enhance business-IT partnership by breaking silos
  • Improve organizational communication
  • Streamline development and reduce reworking

Scalable environments

Adapt to Changing Needs

  • Build scalable solutions on cloud-native architecture
  • Facilitate immediate changes when necessary
  • Deliver continuous improvements to end-users with engaging experiences

Data integration

Connect to Any Data Source

  • Save 30% of developers’ time
  • Build and manage larger systems
  • Discover and share data easily
  • Create reusable components and microservices faster with data access

Application lifecycle management

Manage Apps from Start to Finish

  • Move apps seamlessly through each lifecycle phase
  • Accelerate all phases with automation and abstraction
  • Enable teams to work iteratively and autonomously

Address your key business challenges with tailored solutions

Universal Mobile Development

Crafting Apps for Every Platform and User.

Enterprise App Development

Fast-Track Every Lifecycle Phase

Transforming Customer Experiences

Engage Across Digital Touchpoints.

Modernizing Legacy Systems

Enhance, Migrate, or Renew Your Core.

Easing Digital Transformation

Prioritize and Streamline Initiatives.


Digitize Processes from Start to Finish.