(Process Assessment Tool)

Automate your processes in smarter and faster way. Identification and prioritization of business processes for automation has become simpler and smarter now.

Discover The Best Insights With PAT

“Netlink’s Process Assessment Tool (PAT) is web-based, non-intrusive tool for effective process evaluation on wide range of parameters like complexity, stability, productivity, potential ROI and more.

With PAT you can identify and prioritize processes for automation, generate an automation pipeline, develop businesses cases and make smart decisions within minutes.

Benefits of using PAT

The customer journey differs for everybody. No matter your business need,
PAT initiates your assessment needs in a flexible manner that’s best to generate your business insights.

Process Assessment by Industry

Access dozens of standard assessments to gauge industry suitability for Automation."

Assess Key Drivers for Automation

Understand the projected ROI, productivity gain and cost optimization for an objective decision making."

Industry Benchmarking

Arrive at your process performance vis-a-vis competitors"

Automation Cost Configuration

Get a view into the future about how automation costs can change over your transformation with clear projections of costs and benefits."

Customized process assessment

Provides a view of how your unique processes and systems can be automated for your specific needs."

Integration Support

Integrated voice software


Roles that can benefit by the use of Process Assessment Tool:

Automation CoEs

Curated pipeline for automation roadmap.

Business Owners

Gain the most business value by finding the right automation opportunity.

Process Owners

Assess a process for its automation readiness