The most advanced AI powered digital logistics platform

Redefine your logistics activities with Roadcast

Transforming logistics

Roadcast offers app-based mobility management with a flexible & customizable platform that is transforming logistics across various industry verticals

Logistics Management

Real-Time Visibility of Vehicles

Collaboration and Messaging

Self Service Enabled

Immediate ROI

1000+ GPS Devices Supported

Roadcast offers the most intuitive platform to automate hyperlocal delivery business with AI-powered order management and an easier app-based platform

Unique benefits include paperless onboarding, order dispatch, and intelligent reporting


Roadcast helps you scale your e-commerce business by managing large-scale operations across multiple cities and facilities with flexible scheduling in real time. Thereby achieving absolute efficiency in routing, allocation, and fulfillment


Dockyard & Parking Management

View and manage hub parking & dock operations in real-time

Route Optimization

Segregate orders & create optimized routes using our AI powered order management

Finance Automation

Automate payout management with great flexibility & accuracy

Vender & Rider Management

Digitalize user info & maintain reliable records that can be accessed anytime & from anywhere

With the power of IoT in logistics & transportation Roadcast connects vehicles fleet & delivery staff onto a single platform & gets access to combined metrics, one of the fewest to offer this unique solution

Courier and parcels

With features like route optimization, real-time tracking, rider application and many more features, Roadcast offers the most intuitive platform to automate your entire business operation
Unique Benefits – 
– Route Optimization
– Easy App integration
– Real-time tracking
– Customer Communication
– Rider application

Netlink-Roadcast advantage

Netlink in partnership with Roadcast, one of the world’s most advanced logistics AI powered automation platforms offers customers a complete mobility management suite to create efficient supply chains across the world and help them scale their business globally, faster than ever