Blockchain technology made simple

SettleMint- The #1 high-performance low-code platform for developing blockchain applications

Low Code blockchain solutions

Netlink has a technical partnership with SettleMint, the world’s most powerful in-browser blockchain development platform. With its ready-to-use tools, smart contract library, and full integration studio, SettleMint offers blockchain Web3 and NFT services with a low-code and user-friendly interface

SettleMint - #1 high-performance, Low-Code platform for rapid blockchain innovation

Rapidly build and deploy blockchain Web3 services, and mint NFTs with a low-code, user-friendly interface

With our ready-to-use tools, smart contract library, and full integration studio, you can bring your use case to production in weeks

Why settlemint?

We radically simplified blockchain development, so you can accelerate the adoption of the technology in your organization

Whether you are a business leader or tech-savvy, everyone benefits


Bringing Value For Everyone

From Business leaders to technology geeks, with SettleMint simplified solutions everyone can become a blockchain expert

Benefits For IT Leaders

Fast-track your time to value and move to production in weeks

Benefits For Business Leaders

Speed up your time to market and outperform your competitors

Benefits For Developers

Everyone can be a blockchain developer, instantly!