Software factory as a service

Manage your costs and resources in real-time, every time

Netlink’s unique and simplified IT engagement model helps in the optimum utilization of resources at predictable costs at all stages of IT projects on a real-time basis

A unique and powerful IT engagement offering to get faster and quality delivery

An IT engagement model that helps in optimum utilization of resources at predictable costs at every stage of your IT project and that too on real-time basis

Predictable Cost Model

Manage budget variability with a predictable cost model

Optimal Productivity

Ensure optimal productivity through embedded agile processes

Best Practices

Utilize industry best practices % service delivery tools

Dynamic skill allocation with higher efficiencies

  • Utilize skill-mix based on project phases
  • Focus on business outcomes, leave skill acquisition and allocation on Software Factory
  • Staff your project with just-in-time allocation based on skills not resource

Accurate business strategy insights and reviews

Software Factory as a Service (SFaaS) with its capability to deliver desired outcomes with the flexibility of requirement-based real-time resource allocation and predictability of costs, removes speculations during any stage of your IT project
You can ensure seamless and uninterrupted project delivery at no incremental cost with optimum skill-based resource utilization


Turnkey Software Factory Units


Scalable And Flexible Skills Allocation


Dynamic And Optimized Resource Strategy


Superior To Traditional Team Models Or Even POD Pools

Agility with transparency

Review the process and outcomes at every level for effective decision making